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The ENVIROPAL EVP mixers operate continuously according to the feed flow. They consist of two rotors around which pallets are welded. The shape and the inclination of these pallets as well as the interlacing of these pallets allow a homogeneous mixing of the products

The ENVIROPAL pallet mixer is mainly used as a sewage treatment plant for sludge liming. This operation consists in mixing the sludge from the dewatering plant with lime.



The feed outlet for the reception of the products to be mixed and the discharge outlet are custom made according to the configuration of the installation.


The diameters of the rotors and the pallets are sized according to the total flow to be mixed.
The length of the trough defines the mixing time. Standard dimensions have been fixed, but it is possible to adapt the length of the machines to adjust the contact time or to adapt to the environment. Moreover, in order to optimize the quality and the appearance of the mixture according to the nature of the products, the use of a speed variator is strongly recommended (both rotors are driven by a single motor).