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The shaftless screw compactor ENVIROPRESS insures conveying,  compacting and dewatering functions of the solid waste from all available solid/ liquid separation technologies.

With a custom made hopper, the shaftless screw compactor gathers  the solid waste from the screening or filtration systems.

The solid waste are conveyed towards a compacting section with a shaftless screw conveyor, where they are compressed in order to reduce their volume and insure dewatering process.

A counter-pressure device at the end increases the overall performance of the unit.

Solid waste are discharged into a container or conditioned in a continuous plastic bagging system.



The shaftless screw compactors ENVIROSPIR include closed trough with «U» shape insuring CIP (Clean In Place) conditions with odours limitation


The shaftless screw is manufactured in special hard steel and lay on a PEHD protection. Rotation speed is set according to each application. The screw is maintained in its axis thanks to the trough shape.


The compacting grid is designed with two dewatering steps. First step is insuring positioning and centering in its axis. It is designed with stainless steel perforated plate with larger openings than the second step with slotted plate, allowing a pre-dewatering before the ultimate pressure step for a proper solid waste dewatering.


At the screw bottom, a drainage zone option can be fitted in order to collect the water extracted from the solid waste, especially when the unit is installed inclined.