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The shaftless screw conveyors ENVIROSPIR are designed for transferring difficult and non homogeneous  products.

They are commonly used in sewage treatment plants at different places but also in many industrial applications such as food industry for example.

Frequently installed together with all kind of inlet screens but also for sludge transfer from all kind of dewatering equipment towards storage systems before final disposal.

The shaftless design allows to overcome most of the conveying constraints in relation to difficult products. Such technology gives possibility to manufacture conveyors in one piece up to 30 meters.

The shaftless screw conveyors ENVIROSPIR may be installed vertically.

Such configuration opens possibilities to transfer products to further treatments positionned at upper floors, or to reach higher level in confined areas.



The shaftless screw conveyors ENVIROSPIR include closed trough with «U» shape insuring CIP (Clean In Place) conditions with odours limitation.


The shaftless screw is manufactured in special hard steel and lay on a PEHD protection. Rotation speed is set according to each application. The screw is maintained in its axis thanks to the trough shape.


The design of the outlet is adapted to each site configuration.
Multiple outlets can be included in the same conveyor.