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The MULTISPIR/S conveying and extracting unit is designed for difficult products such as sewage sludge.

MULTISPIR double screws are commonly used for the recovery of sludge under filter press. This solution offers a large width in order to recover sludge cakes while preserving the height thanks to the use of screws of smaller diameters. The cakes break during their transfer and even better when using the option of notched screws(screw with axis). This is favorable for the proper operation of  conveyor.s installed downwards.

Multi-screw technology is also used for the recovery of sludge stored in silo (MULTISPIR/X).



For shaftless screws, the troughs are U-shaped and serve as a guide.
For screws with axis, a flat bottom trough solution is generally used.


The shaftless screws are laying on HDPE lining and are guided by the shape of the trough which keeps them in their axis. This is generally the solution chosen for screw extractors.

The screws with axis are guided by bearings at the ends and intermediate bearings according to their length. This solution is well adapted in particular with notched screws.


The shape of the discharge case is modular according to the configuration of the implantation and according to the equipment chosen further for the transfer of the sludge.