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ENVIROSEP concentrates 30 years of experience in the environmental sector in the urban and industrial waste water treatment

Expertise focuses on the design and integration of equipment in the pre-treatment and downstream sludge treatment systems.

From the smallest to the largest processing plant, ENVIROSEP will be able to offer you a wide range of solutions adapted to each of your projects for screening, sieving, waste or sludge management.

Our approach is to systematically search for the best solution for each situation. Either in terms of equipment choice, or in regards to its implementation.

Our aim is to be able to offer the most compact solutions possible, offering the best performance and ease of integration.

The compact pretreatment units ENVIROSTEP and the range of screens with integrated compactors are representative of our approach.


ENVIROSEP is first of all, a working method and a method of designing equipment:

Design, by modular standardized components.

Targets: To meet the most demanding level of manufacturing and operating quality standards

Ability to respond to all possible layout configurations

– Thanks to the ease of declination of the components of the whole range

– With ease of adaptation for specific requests (custom-made)

Use and apply on each project an experience of more than 30 years acquired in the water treatment market

The method:

– How to design robust and reliable equipment to solve the current problems of installation and operation while remaining competitive?

– What solutions can be used to improve the performances known up to now?

– Which components will be interchangeable according to the different functionalities?

– How to facilitate and evolve the equipment associations towards even more security?

It is by answering these questions, among others, that precise technical specifications of all the components are established.

The next step consists in the realization of the 3D drawings of the machines by assembly of the elements: (Standardization)

Each piece is designed according to its specific characteristics and by parameterization => Length, width, height, thickness, inclination, diameter…

Each component is associated with a main part which, in the form of constraints defined during the study, automatically makes the modification of the connected parts. (Modular)

This offers:

=> A great easiness for the development of the whole range (Modularity)

=> The possibility for each project to modify the shape of the parts without having to redesign the whole machine (Modularity)

=> A great time saving allowing more time to the studies of lay-out details: hoppers, support structures, all specific adaptations … (Tailored)

Finally, drawings are designed with a production vision, requiring a minimum of reprocessing for issuing manufacturing plans.