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The shaftless screw compactor SPIRAPRESS insures washing,  compacting and dewatering functions of the solid waste from all available solid/ liquid separation technologies.

With a custom made hopper, the shaftless screw compactor gathers  the solid waste from the screening
or filtration systems.

The solid waste is washed through the washing water ramps installed at the feeding area. The organic content is drained under the water pressure through the screen inside of which stands a shaftless screw. After several washing cycles, the cleaned waste are conveyed towards a compacting section with a shaftless screw conveyor, where they are compressed in order to reduce their volume and insure dewatering process.

Solid waste can be discharged into a container or conditioned beforehand in a continuous plastic bagging unit.



The trough consists of a double envelope design, one of which consists of a grid for the removal of the organic matter and on which the screw lays.


The shaftless screw is manufactured in special hardened steel and lay on PEHD half circle sections. The sections insure sliding of the screw on the screen and continuous cleaning.


The SPIRAPRESS is available in two versions: one with a specific adjustable counterpressure system “CONIXPRESS” which allows to adjust the compacting performance of the machine (Model SPP1), the other with a gooseneck pipe which provides a higher point of discharge of the dry waste (Model SPP2).